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Zoë Sharp


“Prior to coming to AACC, I had really become disillusioned with writing and with school.”  

For psychology and creative writing student Zoë Sharp, school wasn’t always something they loved. After high school, they planned to go to AACC, not only because it made financial sense, but also because it felt like the right fit. In fact, it was a class with English Professor Garrett Brown, Ph.D., that reignited their love of learning.  

“I took (Brown’s) class in fall of 2022," they said. "The way he structured his class … and the types of feedback that he gave all really contributed to me realizing that I love writing." 

Faculty at AACC are dedicated to students. Sharp shared they had previously felt intimidated by academic spaces because “I felt like I wasn’t good enough for them,” but found AACC to be a welcoming and supportive community. 

“I didn't realize how amazing the education that I was going to get at AACC would be. I was pretty surprised by how motivated and excited the professors here are to teach and to share their knowledge.” 

Reengaging with their learning paid off as Sharp earned straight A’s after their first term at AACC. 

“It was just so rewarding to see that once I really wanted to learn and I was getting to choose what I wanted to learn about, I was really excelling in a way that I hadn't in a really long time.”

Joining Amaranth, AACC’s award-winning journal for the arts, was another pivotal moment for Sharp. Through their role as staff member and eventually as managing editor, they began to meet others, nurture their passion, take on leadership opportunities and have fun in college.  

Sharp encourages other students to get involved, even if it is something as simple as attending a free campus event. That first step may be what starts a journey. Their story exemplifies the transformative impact of finding passion and community in education and that the journey to rediscovering a love for learning is both rewarding and empowering. 


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