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Winter and Spring Registration

Bundle Up with Winter Classes

Don’t fly away this winter! Swoop into a winter course and get a head start to the spring term. We have many classes available this winter that you can complete in just five weeks or less. With over 100 academic and professional development programs, AACC offers high-quality, affordable educational options that fit your needs and goals.

Winter classes are a great way to get ahead, catch up, lighten your course load for spring or transfer credits to your home institution. Stay cozy and take classes from the comfort of your own home or enjoy a less-crowded campus and take classes in person.

We have winter classes beginning:

  • Dec. 18

  • Jan. 2

Spring registration is also open!

Spring into the new year by registering for classes that start in 2024. With free classes for Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) students and plenty of scholarship opportunities, attending AACC is more affordable than ever! You'll also have the chance to learn from expert faculty, connect with other students through campus life and activities, and receive support along the way. This is one resolution that you'll want to keep so get ahead of the game and secure your spot for 2024 classes today!

We have spring classes beginning:

  • Jan. 22

  • Feb. 5

  • March 25

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