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Wayne Johnson II


As an adult student returning to college, Wayne Johnson II knew he wanted help getting in the right mindset. “I knew I was going to have a little bit of struggle, being an older student,” he said. “It's been a while since I've had to write and do math.”

As an online, part-time and year-round student, he still easily found that help at AACC, with virtual faculty office hours and tutoring options. He said he often met with various faculty members, receiving guidance in writing and more. When there weren’t office hours, the Tutoring Center filled the gap. “The Virtual Tutoring Center is amazing,” he said. “When you wake up, before you go start your day, you can hop on and ask questions.” 

Maintaining a high GPA and graduating on time with a degree in business and human resources management are very important to Johnson. He’s been working on his degree since 2021.

Johnson said it was a learning curve to navigate some new things in academia, like Canvas and tracking the YouTube modules. Library staff helped him through some testing protocols that required an additional web camera. ENG-102 essays were not his favorite. But now, in his majors classes, he is relieved to be studying what he wants for the career he wants.  

He returned to school after a job interview where he was told he was perfect for the role ... except for his lack of formal education. Johnson was told to get a bachelor's degree. “I’m thinking, ‘OK, I’m intimidated,’” he said. But the more he thought about it, the more he realized he could ramp it up, working on his associate degree on the side, then transferring to Maryland Global Campus to earn his bachelor's degree virtually on his own timeline.  

Johnson is right on track to tackle his goals. “I've done very well in all my business classes. I've had A’s in all of those classes,” he said. “And I'm in leadership class right now!” 


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