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Swoop Scavenger Hunt

Has it been a while since you last visited Arnold? Take this time to check out these super cool updates to our facilities!

  1. Wander HLSB and take in the beauty!

  2. Stop by the new informal learning space at the front of the gym.

  3. Check out the stairs in the gym for some motivation!

  4. Visit the second floor of SUN to see new graphics for Student Engagement and the testing center!

  5. Have you seen the CRSC informal learning space? Visit CRSC 240.

  6. The footbridge between SSVC and SUN was completed in March 2020. Check it out!

  7. Pascal received a refresh. Check out the new seats and floors!

  8. Up for a walk? Head down the hill past CRSC to see the Clauson Center for Innovation and Skilled Trades!

YOU DID IT SWOOPERSTAR! We hope you enjoyed this walk around campus!

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