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Seven Tips for Work-from-Home Success

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

  1. Establish and organize your workspace Whether it’s a separate room or your dining table, keep things neat, tidy and stocked with necessary items. Have pens, notepads and a headset at the ready for online meetings or class sessions.

  2. Maintain (or create!) a morning routine Wake up, change out of your pajamas (even if it’s into comfy clothes or workout gear!) and enjoy a morning routine. Making small, intentional choices creates a healthy transition into your workday or daily courses.

  3. Whether for work or school, set a beginning and end to your day Maintain a healthy work/life balance by starting and ending your day when you normally would. Be sure to address any additional expectations with your supervisor or professor.

  4. Make a “Top 3” to-do list for tasks and assignments What three things *realistically* need to get done today? Jot them down and check them off as you go. (Hint: Breaking a larger task or project into smaller ones counts!)

  5. Manage your day with a physical planner and time-blocking So much is done digitally right now. Mix things up with a planner to help the day feel more tangible. Block out chunks of time for specific tasks or assignments and use different colored pens or highlighters for each.

  6. Take a break! Even if it’s just for a few minutes, get up from your computer or books and take a break. Walk around your home, fix a snack or some lunch and spend time away from your desk.

  7. Above all, give yourself grace! Still struggling with working or taking classes remotely? That’s OK! This is new to a lot of us. Take a deep breath and give yourself time to find your groove and learn what works best for you. You’ve got this!


Additional Links and Resources

These links and resources offer even more tips for work-from-home success. You’ll start to notice a running theme through many of them!

  • Learn more about establishing healthy habits and routines by checking out Gretchen Rubin’s work and website, especially her book, “Better Than Before.

  • Discover new ways to avoid work-from-home burnout from the Harvard Business Review, including the importance of “boundary-crossing activities” and enjoying virtual coffee breaks.

  • How do you make working from home work for you? NPR suggests embracing your webcam and appreciating the little things like ditching your commute or enjoying lunches at home, to name a few.

  • Time magazine adds its own take on how to stay productive *and* mentally healthy during this time of work-from-home with notes on addressing communication and maintaining social interactions.

  • Whether it’s setting boundaries for your day or remembering to get in some good physical activity, Forbes highlights its best tips here.

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