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Rajan Thummar


Before I came to AACC, I was a shy kid with average grades. I either was on my computer just watching YouTube or Netflix or playing video games. But during my time here, I became a totally different person. I wasn't that shy anymore.

Meeting people was very easy at least through the classes because they're right there. I've used a bunch of support services here. The Writing Center was a great help with my essays and other assignments. The other was the Supplemental Instruction (SI) program. It's basically group study sessions and they helped me with reviewing for my science classes and math classes. Through that, I was able to meet people who were trying to achieve the same goal as I was. Now I am more confident and accomplished. I've had pretty much all A's.

My major is transfer studies concentrated in biology. After AACC, I’m going to UMBC and finishing my bachelor’s in biological sciences. Then I want to go to medical school. My end goal is to become a physician. That's what really keeps me going.

When I first started AACC, I wasn't a biology major. I started out in business and I enjoyed it. But in the back of my mind, I wanted to pursue medicine. So I took BIO 101 with Dr. Jessamy Rango, and she was excellent. She supported me with everything, was a great teacher and the classes were really fun. After taking BIO 101, I felt very confident about my capabilities of taking science classes.

I would tell anyone who comes here to be yourself because the campus is welcoming to everyone. It doesn't matter what your background is. Doesn't matter what your age is. Just enjoy it. Enjoy the journey.


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