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Photo Friday: Big Idea

On Nov. 16, AACC's Entrepreneurial Studies Institute hosted a viewing party and awards ceremony to conclude their annual Big Idea Competition. The Big Idea Competition is an opportunity for AACC students to pitch a unique or original idea via video submissions. Students are encouraged to get creative and identify opportunities that solve a problem or create convenience. The videos submitted are persuasive, imagining that the audience is made up of potential investor like on "Shark Tank."

A huge congratulations to the Entrepreneurial Studies Institute's Big Idea Winners!

2023 Big Idea Winners include:

1. Patti Kuhlman, Kuhlwhip Split Ropes

2. Tyler Loh, Wvndr Studios

3. Judi Peveto, Chronically Creative

Autumn Seay, Eco-friendly Crayons, was voted Fan Favorite and the Community Big Idea.

Check out photos from the awards ceremony below!

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