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Personal Registration Day Q&A

Our Admissions Team are hosting in-person and virtual Personal Registration sessions to help high school students select and register for classes in the 2022 summer and/or fall terms. Each session runs up to 60-minutes.

Your high school guidance counselor has the details, including session dates and times. You'll want to contact your guidance counselor to attend.

Have questions about Personal Registration Days (PRDs)? Here's a few of the question and answers we received on our Instagram last week!

What is a PRD?

During a PRD, AACC representatives will be available at your high school, help you get signed up for classes and answer any questions you have.

What should I do before a PRD?

Apply to AACC (it's free and everyone is accepted), create your MyAACC account and determine your Math and English placement. Learn more on our Apply and Register page.

Who can attend a PRD?

Current high school students.

Why should I go to a PRD?

You can take care of everything to get signed up for college classes. Advisors, financial aid and even AACC students will be available to help you get enrolled.

What should I do after my PRD?

Take a tour of AACC, pay for your classes (or get financial aid) and make sure you know how to access your classes. You can also check out AACC's Student Engagement Instagram page to find ways to get involved.

We hope to see you there!

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