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League Excellence Award Winners

We'd like to honor our latest winners of the League Excellence Award. The winners are a mix of faculty and staff members who are selected by a small committee of fellow colleagues. This award, given each year by the League for Innovation, recognizes outstanding performance in four areas:

• Leadership and Service

• Innovation and Teaching Excellence

• Professional Development and Scholarship

• Student Activities and Engagement

Adjunct Professor Seth Miller, League Excellence Award winner, shares in the video above why AACC's value of "community and relationships" is important to him. You can find Dr. Miller included in the list below along with the rest of the winners. Congrats to all!

Mary Armour-Kaiser, Program Assistant, Performing Arts

Mary Bachkosky, Assistant Professor, Legal Studies

Dan Baum, Executive Director, Strategic Communications

Tiffani Brown, Instructional Specialist, TEACH

Dung Do, College Police Officer

Sandra Fox-Moon, Adjunct Professor, Biology

Thao-Nii Luu, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Denise Lyons, Associate Professor, Nursing

Jessica Mattingly, Assistant Professor, Communications

Kellie McCants-Price, Professor, Psychology

Seth Miller, Adjunct Professor, Physical Science

Tanya Randall, Systems Specialist, Instructional Support Center

Courtney Sabol, Assistant Professor, TEACH

Elizabeth Ward, Instructional Specialist, Chemistry

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