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AACC Board of Trustees Recognizes Former Foundation Board President with Building Naming

The Anne Arundel Community College Board of Trustees has named the campus office building that houses the AACC Foundation for Mr. Henry “Hank” Libby, who is concluding his service on the Board of the AACC Foundation after twelve years, including two as the Foundation Board President.

“Hank was instrumental in transforming the AACC Foundation from a largely event-based organization funding student scholarships to a major gift organization that expands the reach of AACC to educate thousands of additional County residents,” says President Dr. Dawn Lindsay.

The AACC Foundation hosted a building dedication event on June 8. Attendees included members of the AACC Foundation Board, the college Board of Trustees, college leadership, the Carol M. Jacobsohn Foundation and the Libby family.

Mr. Libby was instrumental in the launch of AACC’s first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign in 2017. The Launching the Future campaign raised approximately $10 Million for AACC initiatives in a four-year period. The campaign funded construction of the Clauson Center for Innovation and Skilled Trades. Mr. Libby served as vice chair of the campaign steering committee.

“Hank can move mountains in organizations because he is always focused on the cause and not himself,” says Dr. Lindsay. “He demonstrates a remarkable ability to remind his peer that they are on board to give as generously as they can and to take bold action that will make our community stronger.”

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