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60th Anniversary Interviews

Everyone has a story to tell. Strategic Communications wants to hear yours! As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, everyone seems to have a story about AACC. Our team wants to collect as many stories from students, faculty, staff and alums as we can and put the word out on how much of an awesome community we have.

To help with this goal, we will be hosting an open interview to collect stories. Anyone and everyone is invited! Dan Baum will ask a series of questions and your stories will air anywhere from social media, to the Redefine U podcast, to our website. The interview session will be this Thursday and the details are below!

To get you thinking about your response, here are the three questions that will be asked:

  • What's your favorite AACC memory?

  • Share about someone you met through AACC who made an impact on you.

  • How has being a part of the AACC community redefined you?

We're excited to hear about your AACC moments!

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